Zachary Noble (North Carolina)


Medium/Materials:  Forged iron

Dimensions:  10” x 17” x 6”

Year:   2014

Photographer: Steven Mann

Artist Statement: 

I love the forging process. Heating large chunks of iron to roughly two thousand degrees and hammering on it makes me happy. When I get to play with the steel while making sculpture, or a table base that is not a commissioned piece, I find I like to create little problems or puzzles that need to be solved at the anvil. Whether the problems are a connection or a sense of symmetry, the forging process lets me stretch or bend the steel to a form I find intriguing. Unfortunately there are no tricks to accomplish the work other than a bit of luck sometimes and a lot of corrective hammer blows. If I get another metal worker to stop and take a second look at a piece and wonder for a second or more about how the piece was made, I feel I have done a good job.


My current work involves stretching and expanding on traditional techniques in an effort to create modern designs with a focus on craftsmanship. I make sculptural, functional, and architectural work and enjoy challenging myself with each new project. My work can be found in or around clients homes from Florida to New York to Main Street Telluride, Colorado. I have been published in several books including Dona Meilach’s “Ironwork Today: Inside & Out” and Matthew S. Clarke’s “From Fire to Form”. I have taught at Penland School of Crafts, Peter’s Valley Craft Center, John C. Campbell Folk School, and have demonstrated nationally. I run my shop in Asheville, North Carolina and I live with my wife and our three children.