Xilun Wu

Staprooch #3

Medium/Materials: Readymade, copper, steel, acrylic

Dimensions: 11" × 2.5" × 1"

Year: 2014

Artists Statement: 

I believe that there is a gap between language and things. An object is not always attached to its name, and that name may fit for another one, which is as suitable as well.
My current work is devoted to making objects that meld language in order to think about the truth of thoughts. I am interested in juxtaposing the words that represent objects and seeing how these cogitations translate into new visual forms. The viewer will be confused by the result of two extremely different things combined with each other. It will suddenly create the space of weirdness, absurdity and ambiguity. But both rational and irrational thoughts which exist in this space could be understood because that is how new things come out. This is the knowledge space that allows words and things to be organized into meaning, and to explain how words and things exist simultaneously in often parallel and tangential realms.

Artist Biography:

Xilun Wu (b. 1988, Huzhou, Zhejiang, China) is currently working toward MFA degree in Metalsmithing/Jewelry at the UW-Madison. His current works are devoted on making objects by Thinking about the triple relationships among language, body and objects, He is interested in juxtaposing the name of objects and inviting the body into object/sculpture to complete its form.