Eunhwa Son


Medium/Materials: Paper, copper

Dimensions: 9" x 6" x 1.25"

Year: 2013

Artists Statement: 

I began to think about alternate ways of using materials, such as paper, tyvek, and plastic that are not traditionally associated with jewelry. They are more accessible, lightweight, and colorful. I am repurposing paper and other materials so that they don’t look like what they are at first sight.

Through experimentation, I continually try to discover logical constructions and forms inspired by rhythms, motions, accumulations, and structures that that naturally exist in my surroundings and personal memories.

Artist Biography:

Eunhwa Son is a third year graduate student of Metalsmithing and Jewelry Design and a graduate teaching assistant at the University of Kansas. She completed her B.F.A in Metal Design at Hanyang University in South Korea. Her work is focused on discovering logical constructions and forms inspired by rhythms, motions, accumulations, and structures that naturally exist in her surroundings.