Elizabete Ludviks


Medium/Materials: Sterling Silver and 14k Gold

Dimensions: 78” x 1” x 1”

Year: 2013

Artists Statement: 

My work over the years has become larger and more sculptural. Not what most people traditionally would consider wearable. I consider these jewellery pieces more like wearable sculptures, installations on the body. The two pieces "Transformation" and "Wrapped and Twisted" have developed through that twist and change in my perception of what is wearable as jewellery.

I'm interested in reducing designs to their essential elements, playing with geometry and the interplay of form in relationship. I love to explore non traditional jewellery making techniques making some of my pieces cross the line between different disciplines.

I'm interested in creating that change in the eye of the viewer, where the relationship between viewer and object becomes more then just a passive observation. It's an object that begs to be picked up, tried on and twists our perception from jewellery to installation, to a wearable piece of art that requires the body as it's background.

Artist Biography:

Born in Riga, Latvia, Elizabete Ludviks developed her perception and love for art while growing up in a community of artists, designers and political activists. Having come to Canada, she received a degree from Ontario College of Art and Design in Material Arts and Design, as a Jewelry Major. Her signature style is sculptural yet light, pieces that strike a balance between geometric and organic, fragile and strong, traditional and playful.