Cynthia Eid


Medium/Materials: Argentium Sterling Silver Vessel

Dimensions: 3” x 4.5” x 3”

Year: 2013

Dew Edged

Medium/Materials: Argentium Sterling Silver with 18K Yellow Gold Earrings

Dimensions: Each Earring is 3.5” x .25 x .25"

Year: 2011

Artists Statement: 

The paradox that a "soft" fluid-looking metal form has evolved from a flat, stiff rectangle fascinates me. I am entranced by the metal's progressive mutations --- due to my force, determination, and tenacity --- from a lifeless plane of metal toward an object of vibrancy, unity and fluidity.

The forms of the objects I make have their roots in my gardens, and my meanderings through the woods and along the water's edge. Rocks and shells from these walks fill the windowsills of my studio.

The allusions to nature are intentionally ambiguous, to encourage interactive response and contemplation by the viewer. I prefer to invent something that nature could have made, rather than copying nature's designs. The similarities to nature occur through my subconscious sense of beauty and observations as I move the metal, rather than through conscious study or design. Experimentation, a sense of play, and serendipity play large roles in the designs of my work.

Artist Biography:

Whether using hammers and stakes, or the latest hydraulic press tools, Cynthia’s sculptural jewelry and hollowware shows her focus on exploring the fluidity with which metal can be moved, formed, and joined. Cynthia Eid co-authored the book, Creative Metal Forming with Betty Helen Longhi. Eid works with Bonny Doon and Knew Concepts, helping make tools for jewelers and metalsmiths. Excited about working in sterling silver without the problem of firescale, Cynthia has been working with Argentium Silver since 1999. Her participation in the development of AS brought her recognition as a Pioneer by Argentium International, Ltd. With a BS in Art Education and MFA in Jewelry, Design, and Silversmithing, she has previously worked as a bench jeweler for fine goldsmiths, a model-maker in a gold jewelry factory, and on private commissions. Her work is in museums in the US and UK. Currently an independent metalsmith and educator, Cynthia teaches weekly classes at Metalwerx in Massachusetts, as well as workshops in the US, Canada, Europe, and Australia.