Cheryl Eve Acosta

Ericius / Scarf Necklace

Medium/Materials: Copper, enamel, glass

Dimensions: .75" x 41" x 5" 

Year: 2012

Artists Statement: 

“For many people, second skin is regarded as an extension of their individual bodies […] Clothing and adornment have … become an essential part of our psyches.” - Julian Robinson

My sculptural jewelry challenges traditional concepts of wearable art. I create bold and distinctive pieces of adornment, which position the human body as a site of display. Although each piece represents a form inspired by nature, the work is less concerned with evoking a place than with engaging the wearer as part of its creation. The line between a pure or natural body and one that is inextricably bound to self-conscious presentation of beauty or aesthetic or even fine art, becomes blurred for both the wearer and the viewer. To recreate nature is never natural. It is always a synthetic process, a simulacrum of man-made forms. There is a powerful evocation in my work routed back from my native Caribbean background, somewhat recreating an imaginary place connecting me to where I came from.

Artist Biography:

Born and raised in Puerto Rico, Cheryl Eve holds a BFA in Jewelry from New Mexico State University and an MFA in Jewelry & Metals from the Rhode Island School of Design (RISD). She has exhibited nationally and internationally, including shows in Santa Fe, Atlanta, Chicago, Seoul, Florence and Munich and her work has been featured in numerous publications including 500 Earrings, Dreaming Jewelry and Art Jewelry Today 3,and published her book Hidden in Nature. She has also participated in numerous fashion shows designing her own clothing and accessories. Cheryl Eve currently works fulltime from her Crossroads studio in Kansas City, MO.