Alex Kinsley


Medium/Materials: Sterling silver, 18k yellow & white gold, resin.

Dimensions: 30mm x 60mm x 8mm; Length 200mm

Year: 2013

Artists Statement: 

My work focuses on ideas of repetition and growth. The forms are inspired by marine life such as Mussel colonies, various Tunicate, and Coral. I use multiple components with variations in size, material, and placement. Through a process of designing directly at my workbench, I aim to grow the compositions by placing each form where it seems to fit naturally, and intuitively.

Artist Biography:

Alex Kinsley is a third generation goldsmith from Hamilton, Ontario. After apprenticing with his father for two years, Alex was accepted into the Jewellery Arts program at George Brown college, in Toronto, Ontario, and graduated in 2013. Alex's work focuses on the idea of repetition and growth. Taking a simple form to build a larger, more complex, composition. The aesthetics are inspired by marine life found in the inter-tidal zone and among coral reefs, animals such as Mussels, Nudibanch, and Barnacles.