Terrence Lavin (Connecticut)


Medium/Materials: Brass, bronze, cast glass, and copper

Dimensions:  12” x 16” x 8"

Year: 2012

Photographer: Derek Dudek

Artist Statement: 

I am interested in making pieces that possess their own authority as objects of contemplation, and that speak of artifacts of the past, present, and possible future. Common to these pieces is a quality of enigmatic and ambiguous utility essential in generating a dialogue and pattern of inquiry between the object and subject. By drawing upon the vast histories of industrialization and machine technology, tools, architecture, and utilitarian objects, I find a tremendous pool of symbols directly relevant to the everyday human experience. Explorations of the physical realities of tension, torsion, and compression allow for an infinite variety of dynamic relationships in the context of a machine aesthetic, as well as the subtle qualities of gesture and motion.


Terrence Lavin received a BS from Skidmore College and an MFA from Bowling Green State University. He is a Professor of Art at Southern Connecticut State University, where he has been head of the Jewelry/Metals area since 2000. Recent exhibitions include “Emerge/Evolve: Rising Talents in Kiln Glass” at the Bellevue Museum of Art, “Create:Adorn”, a finalist in the “Emerge 2014” glass exhibition at Bullseye Gallery in Portland, OR and solo shows at EBK Gallery in Hartford, CT and the Underground Gallery in Collinsville, CT. He was awarded Connecticut Artist Fellowships in 2014 and 2006, and has work in the upcoming book CAST.