Night Owl

Copper, brass, sterling silver, cubic zirconia, stainless steel pin stem, epoxy, patina, carved bone owl bead, copper owl charm, polyester fabric, and thread

3.75 x 2.625 x 0.5 inches

Photographed by artist



Night Owl is a glimpse into the hidden world of the night. Many aspects of the night are invisible to us because after sunset we remain cocooned in our homes with curtains drawn. Nocturnal creatures that sleep during the day also spend some of the dark hours hidden from view in their nests or dens. Certain creatures, like the owl in Night Owl, lurk in cavities in trees, peering out occasionally before taking to the wing in pursuit of a midnight meal. But, if you open the curtain and patiently watch the tree bathed in moonlight, you may catch a glimpse of the owl raising its head to gaze out into the night.



I am a metalsmith/jeweller working with copper, silver, gold and natural gemstones to make jewellery and small sculptural objects. I forge, fuse, fabricate, reticulate, emboss or cast my original designs, sometimes incorporating found objects into my work. My experience as a printmaker and ecologist influences my creations which often include a variety of textures and references to natural objects. For over than ten years I have been researching eco-friendly patinas for copper and brass using non-toxic substances from the kitchen, backyard and grocery store, and I use these patinas on copper critters forged from copper and brass. My work consists of several production lines, commissions and one-of-a-kind pieces that respond to materials, techniques and design challenges that intrigue me.

I learned my craft in the Jewellery Art & Design program at Vancouver Community College, Vancouver BC, and through workshops in the masters’ symposium at the Revere Academy in San Francisco. I now teach metal techniques at Vancouver Community College and offer summer workshops on eco-friendly patinas at Truro Centre for the Arts at Castle Hill, Truro, MA.