Copper, brass, silver, glass beads, wire, latex, and stones (crystals)

4 x 3.5 x 2 inches

Photographed by artist

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I am constantly trying to fit and mold different parts to a new whole. My strive is to orchestrate fragments to settle in place, as if they were cogwheels of one operating machine. However, recently I found out about my new health condition: my bone marrow, my body’s basic production system has gone off beam. It’s producing too many platelets. These platelets are all healthy, nothing is wrong with them, they are just too many. In this challenge, I’ve decided to reveal what was veiled in my system, thus, my subject matter is “overflow”. Nobody can see it, it took time to understand it, it’s there, hidden within and it has its consequences. What happens when the ultimate basics of a systems goes wrong?


Born in Chicago, raised in Israel, Ronit’s artistic background evolves between theory and practice, art, design and jewelry. She has a B.Des from Bezalel Academy of art and a MA is in Art History from TLV University. As a designer she developed a special product for home design, built a business and sold her product nationally. She also taught Art and Art History. After a realization that her work was missing a dimension (worked only with 2D), Ronit moved with her family to the Detroit area where she received her MFA from Cranbrook Academy of Art in the metalsmithing department and where she experimented with glass as well as metals. Ronit has been participating in juried shows, exhibiting around the world in jewelry and glass shows, and on daily basis is working in her studio is at Highland Park, Detroit. Ronit is a mother of three and works as a Part time Hebrew Instructor at EMU.