Rent-A-Pro: Jen Aly

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Rent-A-Pro: Jen Aly


45 minute phone call

Jen Aly’s Areas of Expertise: 

  • Taking business to the next level

  • Money mindset

  • Self-leadership/motivation/attitude

Jen Aly is a bridge between the financial & business world and artists & creatives. She started her first of 7 businesses 15 years ago, has learned a lot the hard way, has filed bankruptcy, and has more than tripled her income within 3 years. She boot-strapped an Asheville-based jewelry design business that has grown every year since it’s start in 2013. Jen is committed to empowering creatives in money and business via coaching, workshops, and community. A coach since 2003, she is a certified coach through both Martha Beck & Best Year Yet.


Rent-A-Pro is a component of SNAG’s Road 2 Success program that makes one-on-one consultations with subject matter experts accessible to artist entrepreneurs. Clients get a 45-minute meeting with an expert specifically focused on the goal(s) that you identify.  Potential topics include marketing, social media, sales, business plan development, branding, pricing, graphic design, web design, bookkeeping, tax prep, search engine optimization, merchandising, finding your customer segment, legal guidance and more.

Whether you are starting out or need help with an existing business, this personalized attention can be just the support you need to achieve your goals.  

  1. After payment is processed, you will be given a pre-call questionnaire to download.

  2. Complete and return downloaded pre-call questionnaire and supplemental materials listed on the form

  3. Schedule your call (Note: Your pro will reach out to you after your completed questionnaire is received.)

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