Live Q&A: Crafting Your Elevator Speech with Mike O’Connor (SNAG member price)

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Live Q&A: Crafting Your Elevator Speech with Mike O’Connor (SNAG member price)

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Live Q&A: Crafting Your Elevator Speech with Mike O’Connor
Saturday, April 27, 2019, 1:00pm Eastern

Tongue-tied when it comes to talking about your work? If you’re like many artists, the mere thought of “selling” your artwork has you recoiling with dread. Maybe you’ve even been featured in an artist talk recently and feel like you dropped the ball during your presentation. If this sounds like you, then it’s time to discover the Fine Art of Storytelling.

Whether you are attempting to engage an individual or a crowd, presenting is crucial to your success, but it can often feel intimidating or inauthentic. With his signature wit and introspection, Mike O’Connor empowers makers to break through these barriers and embrace the art of storytelling. In this Live Q&A, you’ll learn the skills you need to hone your presentation prowess and help potential buyers see your work the same way you do. Participants will also find this storytelling methodology useful in understanding their personal narrative and streamlining it into the perfect “elevator speech” for prospective collectors.

Drawing from decades of corporate art sales and presentation skills workshop expertise, Mike O’Connor empowers artists to connect with buyers using the most effective presentation tool of all: their own story. His signature program The Fine Art of Storytelling combines humor, proven methodology and a passion for individual development to transform the presentation skills of artists and gallery owners alike. Mike has shared this expertise with organizations including the Donkey Mill Art Center and the Museum of Art and History, as well as leading artists and galleries.

As an artist representative for many years, Mike is no stranger to the challenges of having others see artwork the same way you do. He is also a seasoned financial services trainer, a role that has taken him around the nation leading workshops. He combines this dual expertise to deliver a methodology that cuts through technical jargon and straight to the heart of collectors.


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