Brass, copper, sterling silver, amethyst, cubic zirconia, and wood

3.5 x 4 x 0.8 inches

Photographed by artist

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Until this past year, the statistics were, for many, just numbers on a page, not something openly acknowledged or understood. Eyes were opened, secrets and shame released. Things previously hidden brought into unerring focus. Scope revealed. In the homes, in the churches and temples, in the workplace and in the schools. Anyone. Anywhere. #METOO. (This piece can be worn as a unit, or individually as either pendants or brooches.)



Rachel Morris is an artist/educator who began her metalsmithing career as an 8 year old, when she studied enameling at the Norman Firehouse Art Center, in Oklahoma. She quickly began selling at local craft shows and soon joined the adult metalsmithing classes as a pre-teen. She came back to bench work after college, where she received a BA in Theater Arts (tech/design focus), and a Master of Arts in Teaching. She has subsequently been fortunate to study with numerous metalsmiths, including James Binnion & Chris Ploof, Jayne Redman, Joanne Conant, John Cogswell, Kate Wolf, Raychael Wengenroth, Victoria Lansford, and others. In addition to her own studio work under the auspices of Eclectic Nature Jewelry & Design, Rachel has taught extensively at both Silvermine Arts Center in New Canaan, CT, and Brookfield Craft Center, in Brookfield, CT. Recently relocated to the northwest, she is looking for new teaching (and learning) opportunities in the region. She is a member of the Creative Metal Arts Guild (CMAG) in Oregon.