Peter Antor (Michigan)


Medium/Materials: Steel, silver, bronze, cement, purple heart, beech wood, ebony

Dimensions: 18” x 12” x 9”

Year: 2015  

Artist Statement: 

My work embraces my passion for architecture and jewelry. Architecture allows the viewers to immerse themselves completely within the work. It can be appreciated for its artistic aesthetics and functional integrity. Jewelry is also functional, but instead of engulfing the viewer it becomes an extension of the body.

I have a great appreciation for work that demonstrates high levels of craft, thought, and skill. Seeing an idea elevated through calculated manipulation of materials is very rewarding. I follow these notions when creating my own work.

Using my curiosity for architecture and jewelry, both past and present, I create sculptural work that aims to capture the viewer’s interest. By implementing the spatial and structural qualities in architecture and blending them with the intimacy created between jewelry and its wearer, I encourage the viewer to explore, discover, and question the piece.


Born in 1987, in Grand Rapids, Michigan, Peter Antor completed his BFA degree in Metals/Jewelry from Grand Valley State University. Two years after completing his undergraduate degree he enrolled at Edinboro University of Pennsylvania to pursue his MFA. Currently Peter is in his final year of graduate school and is focusing on completing his thesis in the spring, and expecting to graduate in April 2016.