Exhibiting Artist


Sterling silver, copper, brass, wood, linen, seashell, apatite, crystal, and silver beads

2.75 x 3.00 x 0.4 inches

Photographed by artist

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“Which door is it?” speaks to the notion of hidden potential that exists where we may not expect it. The concealed door at the top of the staircase of the brooch houses a string that transforms the piece into a pendant and signifies a new purpose, literal and symbolic. A found object, a piece of cedar, represents wood often used for doors that may lead to places that can change us. The burning marks allude to the very process of change. The seashell, tucked away behind the door on the back of the brooch, stands for the gateway between the known and unknown. The idea is reinforced by the disguised Braille message on the front of the piece that reads: which door is it? Each choice of ours is a door...



Monika Urbaniak, a metal-smith, studio jeweler and mixed media artist, graduated from NSCAD University in 2008 with concentration in Textiles and Drawing. Over the years she has worked with fiber, paper and metal. Her fascination with sculptural possibilities of materials led her to jewelry. She continued to develop her skills and attended jewelry courses at VCC in Vancouver, BC.

Monika finds harmony in asymmetry, irregularities and imperfections... tensions of varied textures, contrasting finishes and mixed metals. Her inspirations comes from all forms sculptural, natural and man-made; a line in the pavement, a curious mind, a walk with her dog.

She works in silver, copper, brass and gold- combining all metals into edition and one-of-a-kind jewelry. She often counterbalances precious metals with pebbles and found objects. Monika uses special texturing processes and patinas to create pieces that are unique as the patterns can never be exactly replicated. She works in her studio in Shawnigan Lake on Vancouver Island.