What Would She Do?

Copper, brass, sterling silver, nickel, and stainless steel

2 x 4 x 0.5 inches

Photographed by artist



What Would She Do?

Jewelry's place in our lives is profound. It is tangible, wearable communication. It lives with us in a way that is more intimate than any other art form. Traditional art is a singular communication between the artist and the viewer. But jewelry is not art on the wall, nor is it meant to be.  Instead, it succinctly communicates how the wearer wants to be perceived by the world. Jewelry is worn to be deeply personal.

Jewelry is one of the last remnants of magic left in western culture.  Its symbolism is still used as an amulet to bind lovers together, attract luck or wealth, and protect us from evil.  Jewelry is the armor we live in.  

Through my work, I explore aspects of creation and the subjective nature of our relationship with reality through symbolism, geometry and form.  My current work focuses on kinetic jewelry and using the interaction with the body as a metaphor for active participation in the process of growth.  This particular piece has a very particular personal connection.  The photograph that was used to create the etching is one of my grandmother.  We were very close and she had, and continues to have, a strong influence on my life.  She embodied all the qualities I strive to attain.  She was patient, wise, generous, understanding, and accepting.  She was my example of the kind of person I want to be.  I used photography as a framework for the symbolism of this piece..  Photography shows us a curated truth.  A truth that has been specifically focused to show us what the photographer wants us to see.  As I open the aperture I see myself reflected in the image of her.  It reminds me to focus through the lens of what I think she would do or what she would expect of me.