Logan Woodle (South Carolina)

Clabber Ladle

Medium/Materials: Sterling Silver

Dimensions: 15" x 4" x 5"

Year: 2015

Photographer: Keith Jacobs

Artist Statement: 

“My father could never throw a single thing away. Take milk: when it went sour he would just push it to the back of the fridge and wait...until it solidified. There is nothing quite like the smell of month old milk to get you going in the morning.”

Food is a narrative and in the South we are gluttons. This hunger for both meal and story are rooted in hardships endemic to the agrarian South. Families too poor to throw away spoiled milk. Women who raised children they did not give birth to. Farmers who bent their bodies to a labor that began before the sun rose and ended hours after the sun set. Through it all, stories told over meals taught lessons, brought hope, and gave people permission to laugh. This body of work is an archive of this history.


Logan Woodle is a silversmith and educator who lives on his family farm in Conway, SC. He earned a BFA in sculpture from Winthrop University in 2009 and a MFA in Jewelry and Metalsmithing from Edinboro University of Pennsylvania in 2012. Today you can find Logan teaching all things three-dimensional at Coastal Carolina University. Logan’s own work deals with the mythologies that grow like weeds in the Agrarian South and has been featured in galleries and museums across the country and in the award winning Humor in Craft by Brigitte Martin. In his free time he is an avid hunter, farmer, and fan of the outdoors.