HIdden (Swinger)

Sterling silver, copper, aluminum, plexiglass, brass, CZ, thread, and driftwood

3.5 x 3.5 x 1 inches

Photographed by artist

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Windows define spaces. They both conceal and reveal. For this project, I wanted to play with the idea of the role of the window, and how it shapes our perceptions. The subject of the pin’s composition is only revealed by pulling back the curtains and interacting with the object—but when the curtains are closed does the view persist? Does the viewer? The tree swing revealed when the curtains are open is fabricated with driftwood found on a nearby beach, and echoes the notion of changeability.


Lisa M. LeMair creates wearable art and jewelry inspired by the elements, natural forms, and the tension found at the edge. Each collection responds to a different theme, including her recent Encoded Series of clothing and jewelry, which explores hidden messages; the Caldera Collection of jewelry, which explores the intense forces that shape and reshape land and sea, melding creation with destruction and creation again; and her newest clothing collection, the Currents Collection, focused on finding ease in turbulent times.

Lisa grew up in a family of makers and has been designing and making objects since she was a little girl. Her training includes classes and workshops at the College of The Albemarle, Penland School of Crafts, and Pocosin Arts School of Fine Craft, along with a lot of self-directed study.

She has a diverse creative and professional background, including project management, web development, theatre, dance, costume design, and graphic design. Her work has been greatly influenced by her travels throughout the U.S., Europe, and Central Asia. Lisa has a degree in Russian language from Georgetown University.