Exhibiting Artist

Into the woods

Copper, brass, sterling silver, squirrel jaw bone, coin, glass sheet, horse hair, and cz

3.875 x 2 x 0.5 inches

Photographed by artist

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My piece “Into the woods” was inspired by my found object, a squirrel jaw bone. When designing this piece i agonized over what my found object should be, I wanted it truly be “found” but finding a piece proved difficult. I finally came across the jaw bone in a wooded area on my parents property The bone gave the piece a mysterious feel but I wanted it to also have a sense of exploration and discovery. The hidden component to my brooch is a spinning wheel. While out exploring ask it what direction you should go and give it a whirl.



Katie is a San Antonio, Tx Based jewelry designer and fabricator.
She has been making jewelry since the early 2000’s and hold a Jewelry Technician certification.
Katie specializes in artisan mixed metal and nature stone jewelry using old school silver smithing techniques.
Her style is Modern bohemian with a southwestern flair.
Her various jewelry lines are inspired by nature, architecture and the diversity of other cultures.
Katie sells her work through her website, select retailers and art shows around the state of Texas.