Hidden Worlds

Copper, sterling silver, brass, cubic zirconia, plastic prism, and patina

3 x 2 inches (main brooch), 3 x 2 inches (detachable dangle)

Photographed by Karen Marshall
Video by artist

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My piece titled “Hidden Worlds” is based on an idea sparked by my found object, a plastic prism used when choosing fabric for a quilt pattern. The concept is that you view colors and patterns from a whole new perspective when you look through the viewfinder. I think it’s also a good idea to sometimes view the world around you from new perspectives to inspire creativity and fresh ideas. Using this detachable viewer can afford you a new peek into your everyday world.


Kate Richbourg was raised on a small farm in Gilroy, California. As a child, she would spend hours stringing beads and creating her own jewelry. It was a phase she never quite outgrew. After completing college, while trying to get excited about the transition to a corporate career, Kate saw a want ad for a bead store and lost no time in applying. Soon she was teaching classes and writing articles that were published regularly in magazines. During this time she took a basic metalworking class at a local community college that opened her eyes to the possibilities of what metalworking had to offer the jewelry designer. She began teaching metalworking to the masses and never looked back.

Teaching and designing jewelry since 1992, Kate teaches at national shows, bead societies and bead shops and is published in a variety of jewelry magazines and is the author of the popular blog “We Can Make That at Home”. You can also find her teaching classes and creating at her studio in South San Francisco, CA. She is also the Creative Guru at www.beadshop.com and hosts a popular online Wednesday and Friday broadcast watched worldwide on the beadshop.com Facebook page. Find more information on her tutorials and class schedule on her website at www.katerichbourg.com. She has appeared on several episodes of the DIY, HGTV and PBS network shows “DIY Jewelry”, “Craft Lab” and “Beads, Baubles and Jewels.” She also broadcasts regularly from her studio on her Periscope channel. Kate is the author of two bestselling books Simple Soldering: A Beginner’s Guide to Jewelry Making and Metalsmithing Made Easy, from Interweave Press.