Stacey Lee Webber

We Are SNAG: Identity Juror Statement 

I am honored to be selected as a juror for the “We are SNAG: Identity” online exhibition. I have found SNAG to be a source of community and comradery throughout my metals degrees at Ball State University and the University of Wisconsin-Madison and continued throughout my career as a working artist currently living in Philadelphia.  SNAG is a collective of supportive and educated individuals that are currently striving to define the metals and jewelry field while actively promoting its importance in craft.

It was refreshing to see what is currently happening in the metals and jewelry field from a range of artists in different stages of their careers working in a vast array of different materials, techniques, scales, and concepts.  This call for entries unlike many juried exhibitions was open to a variety of interpretations of the identity of SNAG.  Its goal was to “celebrate the breadth of our field and membership. I chose to select works that spoke to me through concept and technique.  I asked myself a number of questions as I looked at each work; did the work have visual impact? Was the work well designed and made? Did the artist seem to have a clear sense of what they were communicating and what the work was expressing? I feel the final selections are clear examples of excellent contemporary works from our field. 

Within the final selections there were common threads of conceptual playfulness, repetition of forms and techniques, and glorifications of the everyday. Thomas Muir and Kenneth Macbain whimsically toyed with form and function in their playful creations “Elegant Gentleman's Prosthetic Moustache” and “The Trophy Wife.”  Whereas Dallae Kang found beauty in the obsession of repetitive technique in her piece “Solitude: Brooch.” And yet still Tara Locklear and Catie Sellers found conceptual release in the glorification of the everyday such as skateboards and highways. I was delighted with the diversification in materials in which these common threads were carried out. The final exhibition consists of: lead, silver, thuya, copper, crystals, breast implants, enamel, silver, carnelian, rubber, silicone, wood, stainless steel, 18k gold, cord, paper, watch crystals, blue topaz, skateboards, pigment, pewter, ebony, agate, glass, steel, niobium, polypropylene, polymer clay, nickel, cubic zirconia, 24k gold, holly, bristle, brass, fabric, and pearls….Wow!  This immense variety of materials is a true glimpse of the stunning diversity within SNAG and the field of metals and jewelry.  “We are SNAG: Identity” is a compelling collection of works that are humorous, seductive, and celebratory.

I would like to commend and thank all of the artists for participating and thank you to the organizers of this online SNAG exhibition and my fellow jurors.