Joost During (Massachusetts)

Twist Teapot

Medium/Materials:  Sterling silver and ebony

Dimensions:  8" x 7" x 7"

Year: 2005

Photographer: Dean Powell

Artist Statement: 

I enjoy the challenge of making functional objects. An important aspect of an objects functionality for me, is the pleasure of using it.
I begin a design with lines inspired by nature on a piece of paper. During the process of hammering and shaping I follow the natural tendencies of the metal to eventually arrive at the final form. I approach each piece this way considering how its form aids its use as well as its visual appeal. 
I feel a strong connection to craftspeople from the past, using the same techniques and tools, carrying on a tradition. I am interested in providing and creating objects to live with that offer an aesthetic aspect to every day life. 


Joost During studied at the Vakschool Schoonhoven in the Netherlands where he received a degree for master silversmith and master goldsmith. As part of his degree he served a one year apprenticeship for silversmithing with Jan van Nouhuys (Schoonhoven, The Netherlands). In 1997 he came to the US to work for the Gorham Silver Company in Smithfield, RI, where he learned the intricacies of flatware design, model making and designing for the industry. During this time, Joost setup his own studio, Yoast Silver, where he has worked independently since 1998 (full time since 2002). Doing his own one of a kind artwork as well as providing prototypes and original designs for the tabletop and craft industry. Joost’s work was featured in Metalsmith Magazine’s “Exhibition in Print 2005”, as well as the Cooper-Hewitt (New York) traveling exhibit, ”Feeding Desire” The tools of the table from 1500 to 2005, where the Wishbone (Nambe) place setting was on display. In 2005 Joost won the Saul Bell design award Grand Prize, for his one of a kind handmade sterling teapot. He also has 35 stainless steel flatware designs on the market with different companies. Joost has taught classes, workshops and given lectures at Rhode Island College (Providence, RI), UMass Dartmouth (New Bedford, MA), RISD (Providence, RI), Maine College of Art (Portland, Maine) School of the Museum of Fine Arts (Boston, MA), Massachusetts College of Art (Boston, MA), Eastern Carolina University ( Greenville, NC) and Penland School of Craft (Penland, SC).