Jon Havener (Kansas)


Medium/Materials: Copper and brass

Dimensions: 50” x 60” x 16”

Year: 2015

Photographer: Brian Hawkins

Artist Statement: 

Within the cyclical exchange of my work, a variety of materials, presentations, scale, and concepts continue to intertwine. The power air hammer is as crucial to my sculpture as my silversmithing hammers. Similarly, metals of aluminum, steel, bronze and copper are as significant to my voice as gold and silver. The grounds upon which I have placed my work include body, table, pedestal, wall, and architectural environment. Sources of instigation for my work include historical research of art and objects, the natural and man-made environments that surround me, and an autobiographical response to life-changing events.

As my work evolves, I become further aware of transitions from a conceptual fragment to a complete fruition. I strive to express the theme of turbulence and energy through growth-like movements and gestural form. An additive process is utilized to create each composition, evolving through contemplative puzzling of hammered metal components. Curved and straight linear elements interact with volumetric forms, which swell and spiral in dynamic movement, creating a sense of discovery as the viewer moves around the work, allowing a dialogue which ultimately transcends time.