HDC kit pieces, maple, river cane, Joshua Tree fiber, plastic, silver, torch-fired enamel, Mica, repurposed materials, and rivets

4 x 2.75 x 1 inches

Photographed by artist, Photo inspiration by Pennsylvania DMV

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            The work of art in the form of a brooch which I created for the HDC is an autobiographical piece that speaks to my life as a creative maker and at least some of the important elements which inspire it. 

            This brooch gives light to both the past and present, encompassing elements and idea from a broad time span of my life which I wish to memorialize. The image I used came from an expired drivers license, representing a time in my life which was important but now gone.  The picture which was taken in the winter time.  I once enjoyed the colder periods of the year, but now during this part of my life since I live in Mexico, I have little interaction with winter.  Relating to Mexico, and my direct, and current surroundings,- I chose to cut the dimpled copper in the form of plastic banner sections I found in my home town on the street.  These forms are similar to those used in the banners hung over the streets during the Day of the Dead festival. I continue to enjoy the use of natural and organic materials from my immediate surroundings to also incorperated are river cane which I cut, formed and riveted- then filled in with the dried interior fiberous material from a Joshua Tree branch which grow here locally.  The rusted steel-ring element which substanciates a principal part of the brooch came from lightning rod supports from the barn at the house where I grew up.  I was fascinated by the form and shape the piece had.  Although I was not thrilled with all of the small shiny silver pieces supplied in the kit, with some thought I came to the idea of using them to represent that part of each of us which lays beneath the surface,- it can be very beautiful, yet seldom seen.  In this way I decided to create a hidden locket of a type where the viewer only sees these precious little extra move-able parts when the top section of the brooch is swiveled open and turned over.  I always enjoy seeing hidden surprises in works of art that is why I also chose the inlay of the silver star type shapes on the very backside of the piece.