Janis Kerman


Medium/Materials: Sterling silver, 18kt palladium white gold, 18kt yellow gold, diamond 

Dimensions: 1  1/8” x 5/8”

Year: 2013

Artists Statement: 

I am inspired by the form, colors and textures of objects both artistic and common: architecture, furniture, paintings, ceramics, fashion...
My work is based on geometric shapes - their inherent strength, applicability, and timelessness command my respect.  Balance rather than symmetry.

Artist Biography:

By 1975 I had completed my fundamental studies in jewelry design and began experimenting with various metals and techniques. Two years later Janis Kerman Design was established. The focus of my work for the next ten years was the design and production of limited edition collections, detailing for fashion accessories and unique pieces. Since 1986, I have been working exclusively in precious metals, gems and experimental materials.