This ole house

s/s, copper, stainless steel, sharpie

3 x 2.5 x 0.25 inches

Photographed by artist

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As we drove by this ole house on numerous occasions,  it saddened us to see it just sitting on the horizon slowly being consumed by the severe Texas weather and time. We couldn't help but stop to take a photo of what once was surely a delightful safe haven for a hardworking Texas Ranch family. We could almost smell the fresh apple pies and good country rolls that would have been baked almost daily to feed those hungry mouths. 

I started with the photograph as my canvas, and drew it on a piece of tracing paper. Then I altered the drawing from there and transferred my design to metal. I imagined how it might of looked years ago. A cute little fence around the flowerbeds to keep the children and the goats from running thru the colorful flowers. I used different parts of the kit for the roof, the flowers, and to accentuate the fence and the door, as well as the windows. I made the whole thing look a little rough, because after all, this is a dilapidated house that on the one hand was falling down. On the other hand, I had to show the possibilities with the colors and the full intactness of the house. In essence I gave it that lived in, we are trying to feed our family look. We all know how that is. We want things to look picture perfect. The reality is that there are not enough hours in a day to do everything we want to do.