Polymer clay, genesis paints, powdered pigments, glitter, copper, sterling silver, cubic zirconia, and malachite beads

4 x 3.5 x 0.5 inches

Photographed by artist



The Memento Challenge came at a much needed time in my life, having just lost my twin sister after only fourteen months from a cancer diagnosis. Making this piece of artwork allowed me to continue to have a tangible and physical connection with her while I grieve. Every time I touched the work, I can feel her hand stroking my wounds and easing the pain; something she has done for me many times before.

The miniature painting depicts my sister placing her three precious children on this earth while her incredibly supportive and wonderful husband hovers over her. It is created of a combination of digital painting, traditional brush painting and inclusions encased in layers of translucent polymer. The back of the brooch is a pierced image depicting the tree that shades her final resting place in Beirut, Lebanon. I created a custom display stand to fully stage the Memento theme of the brooch.