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Sacred Garden

Sterling silver, copper, brass, enamels, ammonite shell fossil, and zirconia

2.95 x 2.56 x 0.59 inches

Photography by Anthony McLean
Video by artist

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I created this piece thinking of a sacred garden. Sacred gardens are an ancient tradition found in various world cultures. These gardens symbolize a personal and healing space, a space that is connected to Mother Earth. The wheel painted in stark contrast to the dark steps represents the circle of life and the concept of eternity. The enamelled stairs and the eternal wheel comprise the central focus of the piece. Yet, the single piece is viewed differently, depending on the observer’s point of view. The wearer of the brooch sees the black steps. The person viewing the brooch and the wearer, sees the image of the wheel, painted on the set of steps. The piece seen from both perspectives underlines the individuality of our opinions. My found object is the fossil kept hidden under the stairs, symbolizing time.


I was born in Armenia, a country with a rich tradition of the arts. It is in this environment of a broad range of cultural and historical legacies that I spent my formative years. I was fortunate to study as a child among well-known artists working and living in Armenia. Outside of school, I trained at the National Centre for Fine Arts, specializing in painting, print making and pottery.

By the time I graduated in 1994, I was teaching graphic arts and monotype at an innovative and experimental school launched in Armenia at the time of its independence.

I have since continued my education in Armenia and abroad. I attended the Liberal Arts College in Yerevan with a focus on Art History and Philosophy. 1999 I was awarded an Aschberg scholarship for visual artists from the Austrian Federal Chancellery whish permitted me to attend artist in residence program in Vienna and hold my first solo exhibit at the Jütner Gallery.

In 2010, I moved to the country of Georgia where I was fortunate to discover and study cloisonné enameling with local masters. Since then, I have followed my passion for this technique by attending specialized workshops throughout the United States.

Starting in 2012, I spent four years living in Haiti where a vibrant culture inspired me to embrace more ethnicity, light and character in my works. I was also able to return to one of my passions: teaching. I taught cloisonné and alternative enameling techniques and pottery to Haitians and the diverse expatriate community.

Throughout my career I have participated in group exhibitions and as a solo artist in the United States and Europe. I have exhibited ceramics, monotypes, oil paintings and conceptual installation works. I currently live and create in Montreal, Canada. I am a student at the École de Joaillerie de Montreal, learning traditional and contemporary art jewelry techniques.