Brass, copper, sterling silver, steel, and fishing lure

2.9 x 3.2 x .5 inches (when open)

Photographed by artist

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Inspired by the life cycle of the monarch butterfly. A swift and graceful sight to behold. Even the crysalis of the monarch gleams with drops of golden splendor. I am often mesmerized by the strength of the delicate creature whose migratory journey allows for a stop over in our modest garden. The star of the show among the garden visitors that buzz and flutter by. I imagine that its looping passes and outstretched wings warming in the sun are on display for my enjoyment and attempt to harness the wonder by creating what can only be a pale imitation, knowing that when the sun lingers later once more I will enter through my garden gate and smile a real and true smile as I catch a glimpse of a small and brilliant creature making a short stop on a long journey across a big world.


Originally from Southern California Erin Austin relocated to Humboldt County on California's north coast in 2001 for a change of pace. Surrounded by redwoods and flanked by the Pacific Ocean, Humboldt provided the perfect backdrop for an education in the sciences. The endless beauty and an emphasis on social and environmental responsibility also provided stimulus for artistic outlet. After devoting several years to studying Agriculture, Horticulture and Botany she stumbled upon an introductory Jewelry and Small Metals course and her focus was forever shifted. After obtaining a degree in Studio Art with a focus on Jewelry and Small Metals in 2007 Erin continued to explore the word of contemporary jewelry. She continues to live Eureka, California surrounded by a vibrant art community and works as an educator and support staff in the Art department of Humboldt State University while continuing her private studio practice. Much of her work explores concepts dealing with nature, science, and abstraction. Erin creates conceptually driven art pieces as well as series work with a focus on form and aesthetics.