Memory Crystal

Copper, brass, silver, wood, string, and stainless steel

4 x 3 x 1 inches

Photographed by artist



My piece, titled “memory crystal” was directly inspired by the way stalactite hang from the ceiling in caves, and the time it takes to form them over many years. My family is the most important influence in my life and my loved ones have helped form me, like stalactite, over the years. I would be nothing without them, so I choose to represent the five most important family members in my memory crystal brooch.

The two-center crystal like forms represent my parents, and the images symbolize the things I grew up around, and the things they love. The far left crystal is my husband Dayton, it is from a special time when we lived abroad.

The fairy is for my daughter Grace, it is her actual drawing that I copied and cut out. The two roses stitched on the top right of the brooch symbolizes my other daughter Josefine, roses is her middle name.