Exhibiting Artist


Copper, brass, sterling silver, fine silver, vitreous enamel, CZ, nickel silver, and fake flower

4 x 2 x 1 inches

Photographed by artists and Sam Chumley
Video by artist and Kara Davies




I grew up in a town with internationally famous, and breathtakingly gorgeous, botanical gardens. Surrounding these over 1000 acres of beauty was heavy smell of the mushroom capital of the world. The two almost seemed to cancel out one another. In the summer, the gardens, full of amazing sights and scenery, became overtaken by the thick fungus scents being carried by trucks passing by. The town itself, once listed as one of the top five best and upcoming towns in America, was filled with low income families who were being paid less than minimum wage to sort through mushrooms. I am interested in situations like this. The shadows in the light, or the dark, hidden secrets in a seemingly pleasant situation.


Emily Pellini was raised in Kennett Square, Pennsylvania, the Mushroom Capital of the World. She spent much of her time as a two-dimensional artist, illustrating narratives, until finding Metalsmithing at Millersville University, in Lancaster, PA, where she received her BFA. She is currently a graduate candidate at Ball State University in Muncie, Indiana, where she is continuing her studies in Metals. Her digital illustration has been published on the cover of Scott Richardson's book, "Gender Lessons: Patriarchy, Sextyping & Schools". Her belt buckle, "Swarming", received Honorable Mention in the 2016 World Champion Belt Buckle Competition and won a juror's award in the 38th Annual Contemporary Craft in Mesa, AZ. The buckle is also featured in the World Champion Belt Buckle Collection book released in 2018. Other publications include "New Brooches", where three brooches from the "Swarming: Brooch Series" will be featured.