Exhibiting Artist

For Jessie

Copper, silver, brass, resin, costume jewelry pearl, cubic zirconia, and steel

2.75 x 2.25 x 0.5 inches

Photographed by artist




The title of this brooch is “For Jessie”. A true friend that I found within the cult where we were both raised inspired it. Her warm and genuine personality gave me an unexpected safe place to be myself without fear of judgment. Some literal and figurative distance had grown between us when she unexpectedly died in 2016, leaving behind a husband and 2 young kids (one of whom I helped welcome into the world). Her death is a mystery to me. She was the first person I ever talked to about my father’s suicide when I was three and how that may have affected me as an adult. When she died I couldn’t help but wonder if the struggles she had shared with me got the best of her just like my dad. She was a kind, honest, light-hearted, generous and beautiful person inside and out. She was the beginning of my path to health and I will forever be grateful for having known her. Set in resin behind Jessie’s silhouette are the remnants of a costume pearl ring she gave from her collection to my eldest daughter years ago...simply because my daughter said she liked it.



Dana has a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Metals from Ball State University. After earning her degree in 2004 she worked as a bench jeweler and studio artist. Due to many life transitions she needed to pack her bench away, but nearly a decade later she is happy to be pursuing her passion again. She explores the concept of intimacy through her miniatures production line and kinetic art jewelry. She lives in northern Michigan with her three young children.

Working primarily in sterling silver she utilizes basic fabrication techniques to execute the intricate construction of both her miniature and kinetic jewelry. Her production line focuses on miniature replicas of objects that hold strong emotional value for the wearer. Whether it is a favorite tool or a loaf of sandwich bread the criteria for each miniature is that it must be as true a replica as possible, whimsical in nature when miniaturized and contain a strong, yet obscure emotional connection for the wearer. The objects are meant to connect the wearer to their passion—be it work, play or food.

Dana’s kinetic bracelets, rings and cuff links require curious investigation and open-minded participation. By exploring the piece in space, subtle, repetitive kinetic elements of sliding wires or teetering shapes are activated. Wearing the jewelry is not a requirement for engagement, but when the jewelry is in place on a body in motion an opportunity for intimacy is found. As the jewelry fades into the background of consciousness on the body the kinetic elements produce a faithful and gentle tapping with the motion of the wearer, bringing awareness back into the relationship. In 2017 Dana was a finalist for the Saul Bell Design Award in the silver category for her kinetic bracelet “Flipping Wedges Bangle”.