Chris Irick

Pigeon Lenticular

Medium/Materials: Sterling silver, hand folded printed paper, antique watch crystal, stainless steel 

Dimensions: 2.25” x 2.25” x .5”

Year: 2012

Artists Statement: 

Through my work I communicate the way in which I see the world. I collect information and materials, which I then combine and present as wearable objects. I attempt to make work that is a bit unusual. I often alternate between making work that is quite complicated to work that is stripped down to its minimal elements, searching for the right balance. I become obsessed with a form or idea and use it repeatedly until I have exhausted my interest. At the moment, I am preoccupied with finding ways of capturing the elegance of bird flight on a static piece of jewelry, making use of the movement of the wearer, video technology or the implied movement of the image. My goal is to engage the viewer through the seduction of form, scale and materials and upon closer inspection, discover something familiar yet unexpected.

Artist Biography:

Chris Irick received a BFA in metalsmithing from Texas Tech University and an MFA in metals from UMASS Dartmouth. She was born in 1970 in Santa Maria, California and has also lived in Utah, Kentucky, Texas, Massachusetts and currently lives in Utica, New York. Chris is Professor of Jewelry at Pratt MWP, where she has been teaching since 2000. Her work has been featured in over 40 publications including Metalsmith and American Craft magazines, as well as The Metalsmith’s Book of Boxes and Lockets, several of the Lark 500 Series books, New Rings and Behind the Brooch. Her work is included in the permanent collection of the Smithsonian Institution.