Bad Hair Day

Brass, copper, silver, niobium, sea sponge, and photograph

3.75 x 2.75 x 0.25 inches

Photographed by artist

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Brooch/Locket: Bad Hair Day

Sad Beginning: My piece is Titled “Bad Hair Day”. It is a narration of my sister’s childhood and how she felt about her unruly hair. Lauren anguished over her untamed locks. Mother did not know how to care for this thick wirey hair. It defied every brush, every comb. Children on the playground added to her torment. “Hey Brillo Pad, “ Hi Bird’s Nest”. Lauren, a sensitive girl, tried her best not to show emotion. She hid behind a brick wall built of stubbornness and self-doubt.

The front of this piece is busy with detail. A chaotic head of hair filled with various textures all competing for attention. A bird nest atop her head, embellished with my hand carved casting and natural sponge. A wall of copper brick repoused across her face. Lauren”s glare can be seen through the break in the wall. Swivel the hand from her covered mouth and open the clasp to reveal young Lauren at 7 years of age. A Photo taken by my Uncle Steven Seigan in 1974 depicts the scowling girl I recall all too well. On the back, I have stamped “Her messy hair a visible attribute of her stubborn spirit”.

Happy Ending: As a self declared “survivor of bad hair”, Lauren has grow into a beautiful and confident woman. She now sees in herself what she was.


My earliest memories involve me sitting in a corner on the floor, sketching on any scraps of paper that I could find. Mom still brags that I was drawing before I learned to talk. Art has always been in my blood. For many years I honed my drawing and painting skills and enjoyed wonderful opportunities as a young artist. My ability to render, opened doors to endless riches in the art world. I was exposed to metalsmithing in my early 20’s while pursuing my Bachelors degree in Fine Art. This medium quickly became my passion. The intimate scale appealed to my love of detail. The lost wax carvings became my three-dimensional drawings. In 1993 I continued my studies with a Masters of Fine Arts in Metalsmithing and Jewelry Design under the guise of renowned artist Lee Peck. Here I learned the many techniques of forming and manipulating metal.Today I am both the mother of three amazing kids and a working artist. I continue to create sculpture and jewelry. Each piece that I create begins as art.

My tiny sculptures are inspired by the many quiet wonders in the world. Upon closer examination, common things become extraordinary. Delicate veins on a leaf and the subtle cracks in the sidewalk are among my muses in this miniature world. I enjoy the many processes involved in these creations. Each is a new beginning and end, each is a “one of a kind”. And with that…I invite you to take a closer look.