Fae Hollow

Copper sheet, Hidden kit materials, windfallen oak branch, live succulents, and tiny crystals.

3.375 x 1.625 x 0.875 inches

Photographed by artist

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I’m currently fascinated with hidden knowledge, like esoteric or lost truths from ancient times and people. The real history of the fae has me enthralled currently, so I thought this inspiration would fit well with the theme of Hidden for the challenge. Hidden doesn’t just mean out of sight, it’s something secret, concealed, obscured, or veiled. Something we keep quiet about. There are lots of people that genuinely still believe in the fae, but they don’t talk about it because it’s not “okay”, so this garden is a nod to those childhood beliefs we keep snuggled in our hearts, but it’s also a reference to the hidden magic in the world around us. A garden is a magical place- our food comes from there, medicines, teas, and pigments for art can all come from plants. Some of my most precious memories from childhood come from helping my grandparents tend their garden and greenhouse and I always imagined Brownies living in the toad houses and pixies dressed in the fallen blooms from the Rose of Sharon bushes. This wearable garden is a reminder that the world is full of magic, seen and unseen, measurable and imagined.


I have loved art since I was a child. Even if I didn’t understand what it meant, I enjoyed the way it made me feel- how it made me feel a myriad of emotions and think all kinds of thoughts. My grandparents encouraged me to be a ‘maker’- to tinker and to create. I’m sure those early projects weren’t what anyone would consider art, but they instilled an appreciation for the process of making and created the habit of creativity. I am as fascinated by the processes as I am the finished works, so I studied art history in college. This introduced me to so many styles and influences. I weave bits and pieces of the visual as well as the philosophical influences of artists and movements that I feel connected to. I subscribe to the idea that things should be made to last as well- I despise the disposable nature of our society. I take great care in the craftsmanship of my work and the quality of my materials.

I continue the ‘family business’ of working in the technical world by day and weaving maker magic by night (and on the weekends). My goal, not just in my art, but also in my interactions with people, is to make life more beautiful. We, as a society, focus a lot of our energy on ‘results’ without taking into consideration the journey. For me, the process of making a piece is just as valuable as the finished piece and I am passionate about helping others connect to their inner maker. Our wellbeing as people is improved by the act of making- our lives are made richer and the world around us becomes more connected.

Ultimately, this is how I change the world and make it a better place- one piece of art at a time, one story, one connection.