Exhibiting Artist

Abundance (a bunny dance)

Upper Peninsula copper (found object), square cushion pattern wire, perforated mesh Sheet, circle perforated sheet, copper 16ga wire, 2.5mm 24ga tubing, brass 20ga sheet, copper 20ga sheet, 30mm 22ga triangle blank, copper washers, drawn cable, heavy cable chain, tiny faceted bead, tube bezel setting, cubic zirconia, and 4mm 20ga CL JR

2.5 x 2.5 x 0.375 inches

Photography by Janna Lies
Video by Julie Albrecht




After months away from home due to a serious renovation, being back in a house surrounded by my natural environment served as my primary inspiration in designing “Abundance.” My pace of life and design aesthetic are heavily influenced by hidden signs of wildlife I witness on a daily basis. While it certainly felt I was running in circles (and chasing my tail) during the house remodel, now that the project is finished I can reflect on and appreciate life’s cyclical nature. This piece is a reminder that what we often see as a constant struggle to survive can instead be interpreted as a thriving existence full of abundance.



Beth Millner graduated from Northern Michigan University with a BFA in Metalsmithing in 2008 and launched her home-based jewelry business out of the corner of her kitchen. While in her last year of college, she started displaying at art fairs, opened an online Etsy shop and taught silversmithing classes in Marquette. In 2012, after years of establishing a local name for herself at shows and festivals, Beth was ready to transition her business to a brick-and-mortar location in downtown Marquette, where the jewelry is handmade in the studio above the retail shop. She currently has seven employees assisting in the shop and studio. Through active social media engagement, Beth Millner Jewelry has reached a world-wide audience and become a well-known trademark of the Marquette, Michigan area.

Beth knew that starting her own business would be the path to a rewarding, passionate career that allowed her to live in Marquette after graduation. The key to growing her business from home-based to a brick-and-mortar shop was reaching beyond the small footprint of Marquette county with an online presence, both through the selling on our e-commerce website and Etsy shop, as well being active on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest. The ability to sell her work online opened up her audience to a national and international level and is the perfect compliment to our local customers and tourist season.

When visitors come to the UP they often look for a token to bring home as a reminder of their travels to our beautiful area. Beth’s designs are inspired directly from our forests, shorelines and Lake Superior and many pieces are made from Upper Peninsula copper (historically a very important material for our area), so they embody to many travelers the beautiful, secluded natural lifestyle so unique to our area. Many of the pendants and necklaces are inspired and named after popular hiking trails, rivers and waterfalls and appeal to both locals and tourists alike. Beth Millner designs jewelry with strong nature themes inspired by the scenic landscapes of the Upper Peninsula and Lake Superior in eco-friendly recycled sterling silver, mixed metals, Michigan copper and Michigan gemstones.