Exhibiting Artist

A Reliquary for a Blankie Tag

Copper, sterling silver, enamel, glass, and blanket tag

3 x 1.75 x 0.5 inches

Photographed by artist



This piece was inspired by an image of my son sleeping with his favorite blue blankie.  He would methodically stroke the silky tag of this blanket between his fingers while he was awake and when he was fast asleep.  Over the years the tag lost its shape and most of its fibers until it finally became too frail and detached itself from the blanket.  The remnant was safely kept until this piece was made to be a fitting resting place.   Although the blue blankie travelled to many locations, the format of the brooch resembles a mattress, which is where it could be found every night.  The front of the brooch depicts a decal of the original photo transferred onto enamel the color of the blanket shown.  You can see the tag in its initial glory, held between the fingers of a child.  The backside contains an opening resembling a cloud that references the splendor of sleep and dreams.  Through this opening you can see the final state of the tag as the remaining fibers are trapped here under glass.  When societal norms pressure you to leave the blankie at home, this piece allows the wearer to take the comforts and security of childhood along with them in a slightly more sophisticated form.