Grandmother's Eye, Four Generations

Sterling silver, brass, copper, spinel, CZs, and steel

3.5 x 2 x 0.25 inches

Photographed by Dede Giddens

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The photo I have used as a starting point is of my paternal grandmother, Stella. My father told me that my eyes looked exactly like hers. My eyes look exactly like my father’s and my son’s eyes look exactly like mine.  Therefore, there are four consecutive generations of eyes which I have represented in this brooch.  The swirls of the silver chains refer to the strands of DNA which pass from one generation to the next.  The two pair of eyes on the back of the brooch refer to the next generations.  The circular perforated sterling silver gallery wire, encircling the eye shape, repeats the iris shape and suggests the continuity of inherited genes.

“We begin in infancy by establishing correspondence of eyes with eyes.” 

                    --- Robert Frost