Silver, copper, bronze, cz's, and mixed media

2.5 x 2.5 x 0.5 inches

Photographed by artist

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This brooch is a tribute to my grandmother, her family and our history.  The front is an image of the peña de los enamorados, a famous mountain in Antequera Spain, my grandmother grew up in Antequera and her grandparents were the marqueses of the peña de los enamorados.  The five stones flush set on the front of the brooch represent the five stars on my grandmother’s family crest. The three flowers represent my mom, my grandmother and me. My grandmother in her free time would paint flowers on anything she could find, you could always find her painting a flower or two on some cardboard or over some flowers she had previously painted.  The picture I chose is one of the few pictures I have of my grandmother, being such a sentimental piece I decided to keep the photo hidden and on the back of the brooch.  Even though she is not visible the wearer is conscious of her presence.  It is a way to keep her close to my heart.  

Being raised between California and Spain, my bicultural upbringing has been a source of inspiration to me.

I was honored to graduate from the Jewelry and Repair program at North Bennett Street School in Boston, MA. It was there where I was able to refine my fabrication technique and knowledge.

I have a passion for handcrafting elegant and unique pieces and find inspiration in jewelry design and fabrication while residing in Waco, TX.