Mastery in Jewelry & Metals: Irresistible Offerings

This exhibition is of masterful works by makers who have worked for more than 25+ years, have achieved substantial visibility and recognition, studio and exhibition history, and whose unique ideas have been innovating and celebrating jewelry, objects and sculpture and enhancing the story of American studio jewelry and metalsmithing.

Gallery 2052 is a gallery showcasing contemporary jewelry and design, located in the West Town neighborhood of Chicago. Owned by metalsmith and gallerist, Nora McCarthy, Gallery 2052 showcased this important exhibition in celebration of SNAG’s 50th birthday.

Keith Lewis
The Saddest Aisle #23, 2016

Marilyn DaSilva
Quiet II, 2016

Chunghi Choo
Body Ornament, 2010

Rachelle Thiewes
Slipstream, 2012

Helen Shirk
Weeds Necklace, 2018

Robin Kranitzky and Kim Overstreet
Reveal, 2016

Sondra Sherman
D.T.L.A., 2018

Stephen Saracino
Pineapple of Anguish, 2014

Beverly Penn
Ceanothus Amaranthus, 2017

Albert Paley
Proposal for Portal Gate, Naples Art Museum, FL


Komelia Okim
Godfather: Memorabilia Vessel, 2015-2016

Harold O’Connor
Across the Mesa, 2016

Gary Griffin
"et per se and" Maquette #5, 2018

Don Friedlich
Lumina Series Brooch, 2018

Bob Ebendorf
Ring Around the Rosie, 2019

Chris Darway

Lin Stanionis
Apocrypha, 2019

Tom Muir
"Flower of Sentience" - Elephant Snout Belt Buckle

Elizabeth Moty
Coded Brooch, 2017

Laurie Hall
Protest is Patriotic, 2018

Charles Lewton-Brain
Swoop Bracelet B999, 2017

Julia Barello
Light Blue Triplet
, 2016

Sandra Enterline
Duo Pendant, 2016

John Cogswell
Pie server (untitled), 2018

Sharon Church
Gaia, 2018

Elizabeth Brim
Shimmy, 2019

Doug Bucci
Islet, 2010-present

Susan Rezac
The Eclipse, 2018

Rebecca Laskin
Arm Piece #1, 2015

Hiroko Sato-Pijanowski
Mokume-Gane Candy Box
, 2019

Lisa Gralnick
The Gold Standard Part III: Three Brooches, Three Centuries, 2012

John Garrett
Babble Basket 3, 2019

Bruce Metcalf
Tiamet’s Song, 2018

John Marshall
Urn, 2017

Linda Threadgill   Ruby Rosette , 2018

Linda Threadgill
Ruby Rosette, 2018

Billie Theide
C.T. Colortone: Lincoln (Teapot), 2016

Linda MacNeil
Neck Collar no.30, 2017

Douglas Harling
Animate Series (group of 3), 2017

Fred Fenster
Star David Kiddish Cup, 2005

Harriete Estel Berman
Over Growth, Over Abundance, Over Consumption, Overwhelmed, 2019

David Freda
Danis Danis Butterfly
, 2017

Jack DaSilva
Yad I- Et Dei-WIll of God ; Yad II- Verbum Dei-Word of God, 2018

Harlan Butt
Glacier Vessel #5
, 2017

Mary Lee Hu
Brooch #38, 2015

Pat Flynn
Leaf Locket

Arline Fisch
Pink and Purple Bead Necklace, 2017

Michael Jerry
Bracelet with Stones, 2019

Susan Hamlet
Necklace - Winter Branches, 2012

Kathy Buszkiewicz
Double Dutch: Skip the Rhetoric, 2016