Tina Wiltsie

The Shape of Air

Medium/Materials: Sterling silver, silver, enamel

Dimensions:  1.9 x 1.5 x .16 inches


Artist Statement: 

I am drawn to metal because it is a material that is simultaneously malleable, yet rigid; able to be manipulated freely, then refined and shaped down to the finest detail. These seemingly opposing properties allow me to create a strong, stable form that visually appears to be incredibly delicate. My process often involves forging, working intimately with the material and tools to control the metal and stretch it to its limits. I am acutely aware of how each hammer strike affects the piece that I am working on, the percussive sound creating a meditative rhythm as I react and adjust seamlessly to guide the metal into the shape I envisioned. 

I value precision and clean craftsmanship in my work, finding inspiration in calligraphy, nature, architecture, and historical metalwork. Often employing symmetry with repeated and mirrored components, I explore harmony through the creation of negative space. Dynamic line quality is also central to my design process.I communicate movement and flow through smooth transitions in curves and the manipulation of line thickness. I call attention to these lines and the forms they create through the use of contrasting surface finishes, such as a cleanly polished exterior against a darkly patinated interior, or a soft satin finish accented by the shine of a burnished edge. These core pursuits shape my studio practice as I challenge myself to learn new techniques and gain a deeper understanding of how I relate to the material that I work with.