The SNAG Links Project

The SNAG Links Project is based on the fundraising project, created by Linda Kaye-Moses in the 1990’s. Victoria Lansford brought it back beginning in 2015 and included a technical ebook along with the sale of links at the annual SNAG conference and online.  In keeping with Linda’s concept, Victoria, invited 12 artists to create links, which were exhibited at the conferences and a few of which are still available online. 

Each artist has also contributed a chapter to the ebooks, Linking Our Lineage: 12 Techniques by 12 Master Smiths, Volumes 1 and 2. The ebooks focus on the technical processes involved in each link through detailed instructions, process photos, and videos. All proceeds from the sale of the links and ebooks benefit SNAG, while at the same time documenting and preserving the amazing knowledge within our community.