Sessin Durgham

Forged Ellipse Link

Medium/Materials:  Forged, roller printed, plated, channel set, lapidary worked, inlay Sterling, 22k gold clad over sterling, 14k gold, gold plating Amethyst, hand carved stones left to right: chrysoprase (green), sugilite , Sleeping BeautyTurquoise, Charico Lake Turquoise (green), gem silica, chrysoprase (green).

Dimensions: 1 3/4 x 1 1/2 inches

Photographer: Pat Vasquez-Cunningham


Artist Statement: 

Conceptual jewelry has always pushed the boundaries of what is possible in this field of extremely good craft and precise execution.  My work expands on the idea that in order to make something wearable it does not always have to rely on function.  I am greatly interested in why we choose to adorn our bodies.  Culturally, we have seen a push and pull between what is sometimes a right of a passage for the wearer that also can engage or repulse a viewer. As artists, we tend to look at jewelry in a different way.  For me, evoking a sense of emotion from a viewer can be extremely rewarding.  I tend to tie the work back into the body in some way and push the limitations on what I should be able to do, or what is socially and aesthetically acceptable.  I have always been interested in the blending of juxtapositions within my work.  The concept can have an underlying theme that is hard to swallow and be presented as something beautifully representational. The fact that within something handmade, you can leave a viewer questioning a statement or intention is something that will always intrigue me.