Sarah Michaela Sitarz

The Messager

Medium/Materials: Sterling silver, 18k gold bi-metal, diamond

Dimensions: 1.125  x 1.5 x .5

Photographer: Paul Najli


Artist Statement: 

Searching for inspiration I can’t help but notice the crows circling outside the studio window. They land in the canopy of the trees, caw back and forth to each other and quickly fly away. I stop to recall how much time has passed. It’s been 15 years since the loss of my cousin. The story isn’t unfamiliar, many of us reach for some means of communication with someone in the afterlife. Crows just happen to be mine. Since Shawn’s death I’ve amassed a collection of crow and raven paintings, drawings, sculptures, totems, rocks and feathers, all of which have been gifted by family and friends. I’ve surrounded myself with these representations of him, keeping him alive in spirit. I’ve never used the crow in my own work until now.