Sara Owens

Adaptation 5

Medium/Materials: Wool felt, sterling silver

Dimensions: 4 x 1 x 1 inches

Year: 2014

Photographer: John Mclellan

Artist Statement: 

Adaptation 5 is part of a series that celebrates the beauty that emerges as organisms adapt to their environment. It references imagery of fungi growing in some improbable place, such as bursting through the seemingly impermeable surface of asphalt. This is in contrast with the idea of a carefully set stone: contained, controlled, even compliant. Indeed part of the pleasure of setting a stone is the sense of control one feels when acquiring something precious from nature and arranging it in a perfect, tight setting. If the setting of a stone is a metaphor for the the multitude of ways humanity tries the control its environment, then Adaptation 5 is a reminder of nature's defiance. Like roots rippling the road or a rusted out truck sinking into a field, these are quiet, perhaps reassuring, reminders that nature prevails. 

Artist Biography:

Born in Seattle, WA, Sara Owens now lives on Whidbey Island, working full time as a jewelry artist and sculptor. She often combines traditional metalsmithing techniques with materials such as paper, felt and bone. Her work has been shown internationally in museums and galleries and has been featured in publications such as Ornament Magazine, Lark Book's 500 Felt Objects and Schiffer Publishing's Art Jewelry Today 4. She received her Bachelor of Fine Arts in Metal Design from the University of Washington where she received the Rabinovitch Purchase Award. When not in her jewelry studio, Sara is on her 5 acres building her home with her husband.

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