Pegi Pike

All Creatures Great and Small

Medium/Materials: Copper, brass, sterling, 14K gold, 14K goldfill, ruby cabochon, beach pebble, found coral

Dimensions:  4 x 2.75 x .25 inches

Photographer: Robert Pike

Artist Statement: 

The deer. Her story:

This past November, as I was walking down our quarter mile driveway,
I heard a rustling down by the little creek.  I looked toward the sound.
The early afternoon sun was shining through the trees and reflecting off the water. Through the light I saw a fluttering of white, thinking it must be a bird. I stood silent, peering through the trees. On the other side of the creek, stood a young doe, looking back at me.  I spoke to her and we held steady, looking at each other for a minute, then both went on our way.

It was a magical moment for me. Probably not so much for the deer, but she inspired me to create this brooch. It was that flash of white that enabled me to see her, otherwise her camouflaging faded her silhouette into the surrounding woods.

The movement was fashioned after an old wooden santa ornament I remember. You pulled a cord and santa’s arms went up and down. I wanted to capture that movement of the white tail popping up as she went into alert mode and dashed up the hill.

The deer
Sandwiched between the two layers of the doe’s copper body is a lever-type apparatus, with chains and jump rings attached to her limbs and head/tail. Small silver tubes support the rivets, holding the upper body level.  Small brass spacers were cut and the provided silver spacers were hammered flat, creating a safe surface to hammer the rivets without marring the body.  The doe’s ruby eye is set into a 14K gold setting.  A small dot of gold rests on the doe’s tail, adding a tad of weight.  Pull the flower petal bell shape at the end of the chain and she begins to run, raising her head and tail.

The sun reflecting off the water
Sun rays are engraved into the silver circle with 3 brass rings riveted onto it, creating an aura.  A small beach pebble sits at the center, gold-fill wire rippling across it.

The woods
A piece of found coral is riveted to the reinforced sterling base, brass spacers holding it secure.  Small, engraved brass leaves, cut from brass sheet, are hot-riveted to their sterling backing, all symbolizing the dense woods through which we encountered one another.

I am in awe of all creatures great and small.  Well, except for cockroaches.
I don't get cockroaches.  And mosquitos.