Parker Brown

Kissing Otters Trade Pendant

Medium/Materials: Sterling silver

Dimensions: 2.5  x 1.7 x 1.4 inches


Artist Statement: 

My current work focuses on the use of historical armour as a medium from which I express issues regarding the nature of human relationships. While I have created armour as a purely functional and aesthetic object, my recent work now explores armour as a vehicle for more conceptual expression.  All my pieces are produced directly from the visual and technical tradition of historical armour, but use modifications of the original form and function to address new metaphorical meanings.  By combining technical and conceptual knowledge in a new, but recognizable form, I aim to illicit an experience initially triggered by investigation of the craftsmanship of the object and fed by a deeper message communicated by the obvious manipulation of the form’s function and aesthetic.  Thus, my pieces attempt a dialog with the public through the combination of technical attraction and conceptual discourse.