Mary Lee Hu


Medium/Materials: 18k, 22k gold

Dimensions:  2.375'' x 2'' x .188''


Artist Statement: 

Twining uses two weft elements worked alternately so that they actually twist around each other as they go over and under the warps. My system uses two, 30 gauge round wires running parallel to make up each of the two weft elements – or four wires total. Twining can, of course, be made using two single weft wires or two strands made up of several fine gauge wires mimicking yarn, either of which might be a bit easier, but I like the look of the two wires running together, so I spend the time to make sure that they stay parallel and do not twist around themselves.

When twining, I work from left to right, turning the piece over at the end of each row so that I am always working left to right. It is always easier to work with the open ends of the warp wires pointing up when twining, allowing one to pull the rows down evenly packing them close together.