Lessley Burke

Eau De Joie

Medium/Materials: Sterling silver, fine silver, enamel, South Sea pearl, freshwater pearls

Dimensions:  1.875'' x 1.875'' x .875''


Artist Statement: 


The inspiration for “Lillies” was the opal at the center of the piece. Every opal has a story hidden in its colorful patterns. In this opal I saw a flower at its cen-ter and realized that, through the use of enamel, I could draw the flower out. I started to work on the piece but soon came to a grinding halt. Despite knowing exactly how the piece needed to flow I couldn’t articulate it in the design. The harder I tried the more elusive it became.  Finally I had to walk away from the project. Months went by before it all fell into place.  I learned that sometimes the design process moves at its own pace, not at the artist’s. In the end the piece flowed exactly as I had originally envisioned. The flower in the opal moves out of the opal and into the enamel and those flowers in turn move out of the enamel and into the eight gold flowers.