Kari Berger


Medium/Materials: Mixed metals + found object: specifically copper, silver, brass + aluminum case with UV filter

Dimensions:  2.25 x 2.25 x 7/8 inches

Photographer: Kari Berger

Artist Statement: 

This brooch incorporates elements from the 2016 Halstead Challenge packet of materials plus a found object. The found object is a round glass filter housed in an aluminum frame. Writing on the edge of the UV filter says: “Warning Keep Protective Glass In Place • Ne Pas Enlever Le Verre Protecteur”. It is not a conventional UV filter for use in photography. A diorama is formed within the aluminum casing, behind the glass of the filter, is an underwater scene in which fish “swim” back and forth beneath the waves. The main piece is made of two strips of copper, soldered down the middle to create a disk wide enough to snugly fit the aluminum case. Brass shapes from the kit decorate the back, with maker’s name and the year stamped on. Rolled-down sheet brass, copper and silver were formed into seaweed strands, grasses, fish, and waves. Copper rivets, copper and silver wire, and silver shims form the structure “behind the scenes”, holding the elements together and the glass in place. Silver fish were cut out and textured, and the kit’s floret beads were reformed to become crusty sea creatures. The copper background patina was formed with a salt/ammonia-vinegar fume patina. Seaweeds received a patina treatment in sawdust suffused with ammonia and vinegar. Liver of sulfur patina was applied to the silver. A brooch pin, fabricated from the kit brass, broke near the completion of the brooch, so a new brass plate with a tie-tack style commercial pin (used with permission) was riveted in place.